Who I Am

Simple enough, really. My name is Victoria, and I’m from Florida. I’m an aspiring writer and blogger looking to make this little corner of the internet welcoming and filled with random information and discussion. Hopefully some of it is deep and life-changing and wow, but as I’m living it, I’m not sure how much of that you’ll get.

If you want to find me, pithandprattle is my name across the board, though I don’t use Facebook and still am trying to get used to Twitter. I kind of missed that whole social media craze. But I love Instagram, so here’s that! Again, I update like I do here, so… yeah. But I do enjoy it.

Anyways, here’s some fast facts. Ready? Go!

I’m a Slytherin, my cat’s name is Gallifrey, I love Broadway songs and the Harry Potter soundtracks, I cried at Coco, I cosplayed as Sadness a few times, I’m 26, I just beat Ganon in Breath of the Wild and didn’t die, I like to crotchet octopi, and my little cousins wish I was more athletic (inside joke, not an insult).

If you want to know anything else, well, too bad for you. But if you’re just dying to know, leave a comment and maybe I’ll answer. (Just kidding. I will. I don’t want to ignore you. I’m sorry.)